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Call Collett: Moving the mailbox battle

Michele Miller requested her mailbox be moved closer to her home after her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. 


“This is a busy highway,” Michele Miller explained to News 2’s Rebecca Collett.


Michele and her husband live off Highway 70 in Orangeburg County.  For many years, their mailbox was across the highway from their home.


“I was afraid, with him wanting to check the mail, he would get hit by a car,’ she said, explaining why she filed a hardship request with the Postal Service.


Michele’s husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.


“I came up with a suggestion, but they didn’t want to hear it,” she told News 2.


After a back and forth on the best spot, the Postal Service told her the box would need to be placed back by the road. Initially she called her legislators for help, but that didn’t work out.


“And that’s when I called you,” she explained.


Michele was desperate. During the debate on the location, the Post Master began holding the Miller’s mail for pick-up.


“We get our prescriptions through the mail order. They were holding the medication, and with him and the Alzheimer’s, I couldn’t have that.”


The Postal Service had approved her hardship request, but determined a new spot had to meet two requirements. The first is that carriers don’t have to leave their vehicles to deliver the mail to the new location. The second is that mail carriers don’t have to back up their trucks.


After News 2 started investigating, the post office agreed Michele could keep her mailbox in her yard.


“I really needed this to happen,” she said, relieved her mail was being delivered again. 


“We recommended a new location, one that reasonably accommodates the customer’s concerns and meets our safety requirements, and shared this with the customer,” a USPS spokesperson wrote in a statement to News 2 about the issue.


Customers may request mailboxes be relocated or for home delivery based on safety concerns or physical limitations. USPS makes decisions on a case by case basis.

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