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Call Collett: Who's trashing the trash bins

Johns Island residents are waiting for someone to trash their trash cans.  Homeowners were told to put their old bins by the road to swap out for new ones back in June. Nobody’s been to get the old bins yet.

For 44 days the trash bins have sat by the road like kids who missed the school bus.

“You drive around and our neighborhood just looks trashy,”  Brittany Hoffman explained.  She says the bins have been sitting road side since June 20, around the time Waste Pro’s Charleston County contract expired and the new trash hauler, Republic Services, took over.

“We’re afraid if we take them to the dump we’ll be charged with not turning in our trash can,” she explained.  Brittany called Collett when she couldn't get a solution from Waste Pro about what to do with the lingering bins.

Charleston County recommended homeowners call Priority One Waste Collection.

“Beginning Friday, August 3rd residential customers will have the opportunity to have their carts retrieved by Priority-1 and to contact Priority-1 at 843-875-2556,” according to the County’s Environmental Management Department.

Brittany tried that Friday, but didn’t get much of a resolution.

A spokesperson on the phone told her they would have a truck in the area Monday, but wasn’t sure if they would retrieve the Waste Pro bins.  

News 2 reached out to Waste Pro directly. Senior VP for the company, Ron Pecora, explained trucks made multiple sweeps to collect bins but at this point the company stopped their retrieval mission.  Pecora said homeowners could keep the bins, trash them, or wait for Priority One to get them.

“Since July 1 we have made multiple sweeps throughout the area to retrieve our carts that were being used by approximately 4,300 customers. As of July 31 we have retrieved 4,200 carts. While it’s possible that the remaining 100 carts were not collected due to oversight, we also realize many customers may have been on vacation or simply chose to not surrender our cart. As of August 1st Waste Pro has ceased our cart retrieval efforts,” Pecora wrote in an email Friday.

Waste Pro’s contract with Unincorporated Charleston County terminated June 30, as Waste Pro declined to bid on a new contract.  Summerville Town Council voted not to renew the contract with Waste Pro in March after complaints from residents over lack of service.

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