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"Juuling" teens labeled a public health concern by Surgeon General

Technically they are called Pod Mods. They are the latest innovation in the vaping market, and the kids are all over this stuff.

What is supposed to be a device to get adults to quit smoking, the US Surgeon General considers a "public health concern", according to the New England Journal of Medicine

Vape shop owners say, the big instant rush from these devices is one of the reasons why they are so appealing.

"The access that our teenagers have at this point is scary," said Dr. Mitchell Earley.

Dr. Earley says, the nicotine can have long term effects on the teenage brain. It can also increase the liklihood of cigarette use and other drugs.

"We found one in our back alley," said Dr. Earley. "The first time I ever found out what that was, my teenager said, hey Dad, this is a Juul."

Doctors say, parents need to educate themselves and their kids. If they haven't been exposed to it yet, chances are they will be soon.

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