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Charleston drainage project on track despite continued flooding

We keep hearing about the drainage project in the City of Charleston, but the recent patter of heavy rain, and occasional flooding have many wondering when all the construction will yield results.

Here is the's a five-phase plan, and only two phases are done.

While the first two phases included some major infrastructure, until the rest of it is done that stuff doesn't do much.

The first phase, which largely looked like a beautification project along the Crosstown between Spring, and Coming Streets included more than 175 storm water structures, and more than 5500 linear feet of pipe.

Phase two included work on Spring, Cannon, President, Fishburne, and Ashley Avenue. Crews installed more than 12,000 feet of storm water pipe, and more than 300 storm water "structures".

All of that hooks into phase three's main feature which is the deep tunnel system that is currently under construction. The city expects this phase to be done by July 2019.

The last two phases of the drainage project include a pump station between the Ashley River Bridges. Three huge pumps will be capable of evacuating 120,000 gallons per minute to the Ashley River.

The targe for completion of the project is 2022.

Click here to read more about the project.

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