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Knowing when to stop for a school bus could save a life

Cars illegally passing a stopped school bus killed six kids in the United States during the 2016-17 school year.

Those are the latest numbers available, that are compiled by the Kansas Department of Education. Fact is, drivers in the Lowcountry are passing stopped buses every day of the school year. 

"You can hear bus drivers on the radio all day reporting their stop arm being run," a Charleston County bus driver said.

The easy one is a two-lane road. Everybody has to stop. Whether you're behind the bus, or coming the other way, you have to stop, because children may have to cross the road to board the bus.

One thing to remember, the yellow lights don't mean you have time to get past the bus. According to state law, the yellow also means stop. 

On a road with four or more lanes, if you are behind the bus, you stop. Going the opposite way, you do not have to stop. Many will question whether a raised median plays a role in that. It does not. Four or more lanes, raised median or not, you don't stop when going the opposite way.

However, kids are kids, and can be unpredictable, so it's a good idea to slow down in that case.

That ticket will tear into your wallet to the tune of $1,062.50 + court costs + 6 points against your license. Do it a second time...and the fine is now $10,000. 

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