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Roach infestation at Charleston restaurant discovered after complaint

Department of Health and Environmental Control inspectors visited La Tabella restaurant on Harborview Road in Charleston twice in two days, both visits cited roach problems and a "C" grade. 

The initial inspection on May 1 resulted from a complaint filed with DHEC. The inspector reported " dead roaches along baseboards and ledges in kitchen". The inspector also "observed roaches crawling throughout the kitchen on walls, floors, shelving, and sinks". 

There were several other violations that needed to be corrected after that initial visit.

The very next day, inspectors returned. The restaurant corrected the vast majority of its issues, except the roaches. 

"Burner stove is infested with roaches," the inspector noted.

Despite a 92% on that follow-up inspection, the roach problem resulted in another "C".

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