IOP beach goers have mixed feelings on social distancing


ISLE OF PALMS, S.C. (WCBD) – Thousands of people packed Lowcountry beaches to end their Memorial Day weekends, some possibly for the first time since beaches reopened.

Isle of Palms beaches were lined up and down with beach goers on Monday. Some beach goers say they have mixed feelings on the social distancing they are seeing ranging from disappointing to happy.

“Ah it’s great, glad we’re here, the weather has been great,” says beach goer Chris Trapp. “Glad the beaches are open, we feel like everybody is doing what they need to be doing to be safe.”

Trapp says his daughter was scheduled to get married in Charleston this past weekend but it had to be postponed. Even though the wedding didn’t happen, he didn’t miss the opportunity to take his family to the beach. 

“People have families that are bigger than two or three people and if they live together then people think they’re not social distancing,” says Trapp. “But if you live in the same household and you have seven or eight people in the house then I don’t know that you need to be social distancing since you live together everyday.”

And while most are happy to be able to return to their favorite beach some say they believe social distancing could be practiced better.

“It feels good, I’m a little disappointed,” says Kurt Nelson. “We were here Saturday and the social distancing wasn’t really enforced very well.”

Nelson says he believes the poor social distancing goes beyond the Lowcountry’s Beaches.

“I haven’t seen it that closely and in downtown Charleston either,” says Nelson.

Both Nelson and Trapp say they have seen police actively patrolling both on and off the beaches.

“And the police have been pretty active and keeping things under control and everything so they’re making sure their presence is well known here,” says Trapp.

Trapp says even though his daughter’s wedding had to be postponed, he’s just happy to be with his family at the beach.

“Yeah it’s great, I feel safe, I feel good,” says Trapp. “My family feels good we’ve been out to dinner a couple of times since we’ve been here since Thursday, yeah it’s nice.”

Law Enforcement agencies say they have been working towards this weekend since beaches reopen, making sure precautions were in place to keep those on the beaches safe.

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