NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C (WCBD) – Two months have passed, and Chris Drummond is still without answers after his niece was found lying on the road severely injured.

“Our priority is Jenn and her recovery and we’re anxious to get her home. We’re anxious to see her progress continue,” Drummond told News 2.

According to the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, Jenn Drummond was found on Woodland Shores Road around 5:40 am on June 21st with traumatic injuries.

On Tuesday, Chris stood before Charleston County Council to play them the 911 call made by the woman who found Jenn that morning.

She was met with an automated answer at the start of the call.

“I don’t want this to happen to somebody else, and that was the point that I was making to council. Can you imagine if somebody was in your home and the first thing you think of is ‘I gotta call 911’ and you have a minute and a half or two minutes of an automated service before you are able to talk to a live person,” Chris said.

News 2 reached out to Charleston County about these concerns.

“The most important information the public needs to understand is do not hang up. Our call takers may be busy at the time. At this time, they did have two other critical incidents underway and it takes a moment for that call taker to call over to the other line, but when you hang up you go to the end of the line and it starts the call over,” said Charleston County Councilwoman Jenny Honeycutt who represents District Nine.  

Adam Friend is a longtime resident on Woodland Shores Road. He also spoke up during the county council meeting, calling for safety improvements like speed bumps.

While a sidewalk project is underway, Friend said he is concerned it is not enough.

“The fact that there has never been a sidewalk, there is plans to do that on the east side of the road where I am on, so that’s nice but the other side of the road is not going to have sidewalk with it,” Friend said.

Councilwoman Honeycutt said a traffic speed study is underway in that area to see how they can mitigate speeding.

As for Jenn, Chris said she has been improving greatly since moving to a facility in Georgia that specializes in traumatic brain injuries, earlier this month. He said she undergoes five hours of physical and speech therapy a day.

“The facility has taught her how to write her name. She knows how to brush her teeth. These are little steps in someone else’s world, but in our world, its massive,” Chris said.

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office said there were no updates in the investigation. In June, CCSO released photos of three vehicles driving on Woodland Shores Road between 5:09 and 5:18 that morning.

The Drummond family’s lawyer said last month vehicle three is the primary suspect based on surveillance footage and because Jenn’s step counts on Apple Watch stopped at 5:18 am.

There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.