CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The name of the brand is Sweet Grass Vodka, and earlier at the Sweet Grass Lounge, News 2 spoke with 2-time Academy Award nominated actor and co-owner Jeremy Renner about his new vodka.

Sweet Grass Vodka is based in Charleston, and for Renner, it was his first time in the Holy City.

“It’s awesome,” Renner said. “So, me learning about the community I think is pretty important being here. It’s my first time in this facility, but I’ll be here a lot more now and be embedded in this community a bit more and I’m pretty excited about that.”

Renner says he’s wanted to get into the spirits industry for some time, but he wanted to make sure the product he pushed fit who he is. He says Sweet Grass Vodka was the perfect fit.

“I do this because it represents a lot of who I am,” Renner said, “or at least ensuring that the brand is represented in the way that I needed to be represented.”

So, with all the different brands of vodka on the shelves, what separates Sweet Grass Vodka from the rest?

“We’re a potato-based vodka,” Sweet Grass Vodka CEO Jarrod Swanger said. “Whether you think it’s potato-based or not, on other brands they’re usually not because it’s a more expensive spirit to make.”

But they say it’s worth the extra cost because it results in a higher quality taste and a smoother finish.

“I think the spirit itself is just so clean and clear,” Swanger said. “You know, it’s not like another spirit where you have to add a lot of things and a lot of juices and a lot of sugar. Just enjoy the spirit and enjoy the company and have a good time right.”

Sweet Grass Vodka is currently being sold in South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Illinois and Tennessee.