CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- A 52-year-old attorney from Greenville, Tally Parham Casey, is gubernatorial candidate Joe Cunningham’s pick for his running mate.

The potential new Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina was also the state’s first female fighter pilot. Casey served in the Iraq War as a combat pilot and logged over 100 hours fighting.

In addition to her time as a pilot, Casey is an attorney of more than two decades. She is the CEO of Wyche, P.A. in Columbia.

“Simply put, there is nothing Tally Casey cannot do. I am so excited to have her on this ticket and I can’t wait for the voters of South Carolina to meet their next Lieutenant Governor,” said Cunningham.

Both candidates are running on a platform of bipartisanship. That, and other qualities, are what Casey says attracted her to the Cunningham campaign.

“Joe is a regular guy who has the guts to say what we’re all thinking. He doesn’t play by traditional political rules and he doesn’t toe any party line,” said Casey.

“Cunningham’s campaign believes that she will bring a certain level of energy and excitement to the ticket,” said Political Analyst John Brisini.

The choice of Casey, in Brisini’s mind, was to help win votes in her home region of the Upstate and gain the support of suburban women voters.

“Whether Casey brings any undecided voters to the table that’s maybe too soon to be known,” said Brisini. “Certainly Casey may have an appeal to that voting block, but that’s hard to say that Lieutenant Governor Evette doesn’t have the same appeal. They’re all really going after that Upstate vote.”

From the red side of the aisle, the state’s Republican Party responded to Casey joining the ticket by saying whoever runs with Cunningham doesn’t matter.

“He could choose Mickey Mouse if he wants to it’s not going to make any difference. He could pick Superman. It doesn’t matter because they have to defend the same failed policies,” said Drew McKissick, the Chairman of the South Carolina GOP. “Voters here aren’t buying what democrats are selling.”

In Cunningham’s home base of Charleston County, the local Democratic Party is pleased with the addition to the campaign.

“He chose a great candidate who has a great resume of serving who I believe would do a great job,” said Greg Perry, the Chairman of the Charleston County Democratic Party. “I like that she has roots in Columbia as well as Greenville.”

Brisini thinks that Cunningham and Casey have a hill to climb if they are to win in November with the Republican Party’s strong brand in South Carolina.

“He has got to overperform in the Charleston area. He either has to overperform in the Upstate or he has got to hope that Governor McMaster underperforms in the Upstate,” said Brisini.