CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) —The students of the University of the Lowcountry headed to polls this morning even though they are not yet of voting age. The school has been conducting an exit poll for the past nine years and the results are impressive.

65 students took to 26  precincts across Charleston and Berkeley counties and collected almost 2,600 responses.The students are not shy about their strategy.

“Probably because you are more likely to disclose your information to kids. They are innocent and sort of cute,” said seventh grader Dillon Brockman.

School director Jason Kreutner says the exit poll teaches kids about different candidates, parties, and issues so that they are informed voters later on.

“You want to learn about voting lets go see for ourselves, lets ask people. How else can you teach people but by doing it. It is not going to happen in the classroom,” said Kreutner.

They will not release the data until all poll locations have closed and a winner has been called. You can find all that information on their Facebook page.