Kohlhepp’s former co-workers shaken up, say ‘arrogant,’ but seemingly ‘harmless’


SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. – Thursday marks one week since a missing woman was found chained in a storage container — thrusting real estate broker Todd Kohlhepp into the national spotlight. We’re hearing from people who worked side by side with the man now accused of killing up to seven people.

“He just seemed very arrogant, you know. Like – he couldn’t do anything wrong,” said one woman.

These women are still shaken up and want to conceal their identities as they think back to their time working with him.  “I’ve been a foot away from this guy and oh my God I could’ve been one of his victims.”

“I didn’t know he was capable of doing what he’s done,” said another co-worker. “He seemed harmless.”

They say they met Kohlhepp while he worked at a Weichert Realtors office in Duncan that’s now out of business.

“First time I was alone with him at Weichert, he’d make little flirty comments,” she said. She added the comments made her feel eerie at the time but she brushed it off and didn’t file a complaint. “I probably should’ve, now that I look back and see everything.”

Looking back, both say Kohlhepp seemed like a loner.

“He just wasn’t endearing. He didn’t try to make friends,” one said.

“He’d just want to talk – about himself mostly,” said the other. “He didn’t have any friends and we kinda felt sorry for him.”

Then she says she got taste of Kohlhepp’s temper when she went to work for him at TKA Real Estate and they had a disagreement.

“He came over to my house and jerked his sign out of my yard and I was watching him out the window and thought – who would do this.” She decided it’s the kind of person she didn’t want to work for and she quit. “If he gets mad over something like that, what else would he get mad over.”

Still, she never expected things to get this bad.

“Even though he’s a monster, He has a heart, he has a soul and I just hope he gets right with God.”

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