MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD)- Highway 41’s newest expansion plan has been getting mixed reviews since Charleston County’s Finance Committee approved the version on Thursday.

The two areas that are drawing displeasure are the proposed parkway through Laurel Hill Park and the widening project for U.S. 17 near the Seven Mile community.

Kathy Landing, a Mount Pleasant Town Councilwoman, along with the members of the Dunes West and Park West community are unhappy about the parkway.

“We do not want this road it’s going to create more noise, traffic and it’s going to be a cut through for their neighborhood,” said Landing.

Councilwoman Landing is also concerned about the environmental impact that cutting down trees for the parkway will have on the area. She says that if the trees are cut down it will be tough to manage flooding.

“We’re literally talking about the possibility of over ten million gallons of water every year. Where is all that water going to go that the trees were drinking up?” said Landing.

The project would also add a lane to U.S. 17 along the 41 intersection and divert traffic away from the Seven Mile community using Winnowing Way.

The number of lanes on U.S. 17 would be widened from nine to ten by cutting into the existing sidewalk.

The Director of Community Activity for Seven Mile CAGE, George Freeman, is unhappy about the widening of the road and the impact it will have on the Seven Mile community.

“We were arguing before about it going from eight to ten lanes. All they did now is change it from eight to nine lanes. So really there is no compromise in what they did. We are the only ones being affected by this widening,” said Freeman.

Linda Page, an employee at ACE Royall Hardware says that the new plan slows down traffic on U.S. 17 which is good for business.

“If we just concentrate on moving people fast then we’re going to hurt small businesses. But we want to protect communities, Seven Mile, Phillips, there’s a lot at play here and green space at Laurel Hill,” said Page.