A different Easter Sunday at St. Andrew’s Church

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MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – For the first time in 30 years, the Saint Andrews Church Easter Service was not at Boone Hall Plantation and every pew was left without a parishioner. 

It was a different kind of Easter Sunday service, one that connected with the congregation online rather than in person. Associate Rector Randy Forrester went on to note that something was missing.

Celebrating Easter and Jesus’ resurrection…I miss the people…I miss seeing people, I miss their faces, I miss giving handshakes and hugs, especially on this wonderful day.

Associate Rector Randy Forrester

Though today may be a day to celebrate for some—for many quarantine has not been easy. 

Those people in sadness and in struggling with doubts—you’re normal. You can bring those doubts to God and he will walk you through those. 

Associate Rector Randy Forrester

Bishop Steve Wood, Associate Rector Forrester, and an additional Associate Rector fell ill with COVID-19 in the past month. As of now, we’re told Bishop Wood is off of the ventilator and at home recovering. Meanwhile the two Associate Rectors are back up at the altar.  

We’re often the ones giving care, but we received so much care during this time from out community at this time, and that was a blessing.

Associate Rector Randy Forrester

As for what we can take away from these trying times as a community—the Associate Rector simply replied, a new appreciation for all of those in our lives.

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