CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The show must go on at the College of Charleston! After having to cancel their spring performance, CofC’s Theatre and Dance Department is opening this fall with the play “How The Vote Was Won” by Cicely Hamilton and Christopher St. John.

This timely play will consist of 2 livestream performances on October 1st and 2nd.

Janine McCabe, the Department of Theatre & Dance Chair, says the COVID-19 Pandemic has brought new challenges to the season.

“This will be an experiment and it’s our first time dealing with having to think through socially distancing the cast, wearing masks and livestreaming so all of that is new,” says McCabe.

The play is a witty take on women’s suffrage; set in London in 1918 during the outbreak of the Spanish Influenza. This was a specific choice by the department to help mirror a very similar world in 2020.

“This play is the tipping point when all the women were like, ‘okay, we’re going to quit our jobs and have the men fend for themselves to see how much they need us,” says the show’s costume designer Mattie Davis.

The lighting, set and costumes are all designed by women. Davis says they have worked incredibly hard over the last few months; pouring into every detail to make sure their vision is seen.

“The director wanted to have a little gag with the whole social distancing thing — she wanted to bring that into the show. So, the more and more people come into the house the bigger their hats will get,” she says.

The entire process from start to finish has been more challenging than ever before; with COVID-19 affecting everything from rehearsals to fittings. McCabe says she is grateful the opportunity to see her students adapt during this difficult time.

“It’s really been great seeing people in person again, even if it’s from a distance, and with fewer people in the classroom. It’s really exciting to be able to work together and figuring out our new version of a production season,” she says.

You can purchase tickets to the livestreams by clicking here.