Catching some color and treating white spots

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For many folks, summer is all about getting color.

When we are in the sun we might notice that our skin will turn red from a burn or even tan-but you might notice that there are white spots that appear on our skin after prolonged experience in the sun.

Tinea Versicolor is a fungus that experts say prevents your body from producing color. 

“People have this condition chronically,” Says Doctor Marguerite Germain, a Board Certified Dermatologist at Germain Dermatology.

Humidity and heat are a perfect combo for this condition, that can worsen if its not taking care of.

“The more time you spend in the sun the more of an issue tinea versicolor will be. There will be more of a contrast between the lighter areas and the darker areas because you’re tanning and its humid so that causes the fungus to grow more,” says Germain.

So what can you do to treat this condition? Well, there are over the counter remedies, but doctor say that patience is a virtue when  it comes to full recovery.

“It goes away the fungus is killed away relatively quickly  but the manifestations take a while to go away because, those areas that are lighter take a while to re-pigment.

And remember to keep an eye on the condition this summer while having fun in the sun.

“Sometimes what you think may just be a fungal infection may be a manifestation of something else so its always important to get spots checked out especially when there’s something new on set,” Says Germain.

Treatments for this condition can be picked up over the counter. Here are a few to name.

Pyrithione zincIt






Selenium sulfideIt


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