Charleston International Airport remains open and operating

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NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Adding to the list of businesses struggling during the coronavirus pandemic are airports.

Paul Campbell, the CEO and Director of the Charleston International Airport says that similar to larger facilities in the country right now, their airport is operating at just 5%. Meanwhile, some smaller facilities are operating at 0%. 

Going on to note that as of now, they are not making money, rather losing it. Campbell says that CHS is a very conservative fiscal airport, meanign they put money in reserves in the event that something like this would happen.

The airport will be receiving something from the stimulus package—however, it’s unclear as to how much. 

This time of year, we have about 90 and 95 flights come in and 90 to 95 flights go out every day, so now we’re looking at the 30 to 40 range. A lot of flights are flying out with just a few passengers on them but that’s the life, the times that we’re living in at this point.

Paul Campbell, CEO/ Director of CHS International Airport

Being in this time where each day, more are becoming ill, if there’s a family emergency—even in a hot-spot location, the last thing you should worry about is the travel to get you there.  

The airlines will work with you on a family emergency, they always have. They are kind and caring as far as that goes and they’re sympathetic with those kinds of things.

Paul Campbell, CEO/ Director of CHS International Airport

Undeterred by the lack of business through the airport, Campbell says the facility is doing their part by staying open, moving, and safe.  

The airlines need some help, we need some help, airports all over the country need some help. We have to stay open, we have to service the public to keep people moving, to keep supplies moving—to keep especially the medical supplies moving and so that’s what we’re trying to do.

Paul Campbell, CEO/ Director of CHS International Airport

The airport is said to be cleaned and sanitized throughout the day for both the health of the passengers and the airport workers.

Campbell says that he is happy to report that despite some hour decreases, no CHS employees have been laid off. Additionally, to his knowledge there have also been no cases of COVID-19.

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