NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – City of North Charleston officials lit up the 30 foot Christmas tree in Park Circle, to kick off this year’s holiday season.

Families who live in the area say they are excited this year’s holiday festivities as last years were cancelled due to the pandemic.

“The celebrations here are always fun. It’s just always fun to come out and spread a little cheer,” says the Williams family, who live in Park Circle.

Last year’s pandemic precautions meant cutting back on the tree lighting ceremony and canceling the Christmas parade and festival. Kyle Lahm with the City of North Charleston says they are happy to be back this holiday season to be able to keep smiling faces across the community.

“Last year we did a few small weekend things with just having some food trucks out so people could come and walk around and see the lights. This year we are back full force with our big festival,” says Lahm.

The Felix Davis Community Center in Park Circle is surrounded with lights and decorations and will host multiple food vendors and activities for families throughout December.

“There’s hayrides, a ferris wheel, rides, crafts and stuff for kids to do,” says Lahm.

Community members say they are happy to see the streets packed with people in park circle for this year’s holiday festival.

“It’s pretty awesome to see our North Charleston residents and a lot of our neighbors. It’s just a really cool thing they put together every year,” says the Williams family.

The lights in Park Circle will stay all throughout the holiday season until New Years Day.