DD2 parents call for changes within school board

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SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – A group of DD2 parents and community partners marched in Summerville on Saturday calling for changes within the school board.

The group wants to see more diversity.

“If you have a school board that doesn’t know the intimacies of a particular culture, how can they make rules so people can work through them,” asked Louis Smith, the executive director of the Community Resource Center and one of the organizers of the march.

He says 46% of the DD2 student population is made up of minorities.

“I think the students feel as if they don’t matter,” said Smith.

Another participant at the event, Erica Cokley, agrees with Smith’s statement.

“They don’t feel like they belong,” added Cokley. “They feel misplaced and I’m not just saying that because I’ve raised children. I’m saying that because I was a child that grew up in the same way.”

The activists are also calling for a switch to single-member districts, a matter that must be taken to the South Carolina legislature.

Cokley says it will take more than just making noise to make changes.

“We have to be there for these PTA’s. We have to be thee for student improvement council. We have to be there for these board meetings. Even if you don’t come, volunteer,” she said.

A representative from the school district responded to Saturdays protest with the following statement.

The school district is very supportive of community involvement in the election of representatives to serve on the school board. Voters will have an opportunity to elect three representatives in November to serve in the three open seats that will be up for election.

Pat Raynor, Public Information Officer, DD2

According to Raynor, anyone who is interested in running for an open school board seat has to present a petition with at least 200 names to the Dorchester County Election Commission in July in order to be put on the ballot. It is then up to the voters to elect candidates they feel will best represent community members.

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