Dominion Energy to continue on with removal of 97 trees in Isle of Palms

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ISLE OF PALMS, S.C. (WCBD) – After over 90 minutes of each side being heard, the 97 trees previously marked by Dominion Energy will come down on Monday, May 18th.

With concern from citizens about tree removals, city council met with members of Dominion Energy hoping for a solution or stall. Danny Kassis, the Vice President of Customer Relations & Renewables, said while he hears the concerns, the trees marked are done so for safety.

I’m concerned about if we don’t do anything immediately with the schedule than there is a bunch of category one trees out there that are, that i view as a risk. Uhm and not just well Kassis all you care about is it’s a risk to your company—not it’s a risk to all of us.

Danny Kassis, VP Customer Relations & Renewables

As for moving all wiring underground? Dominion Energy says that they currently believe IOP to be at 20% with underground wiring. While the council would like to look into making more of a transition to underground for the future, Kassis says there is some risk to take into consideration.

Underground for flood events is really bad and they take essentially longer to fix uhm overhead—responds better in terms of restoration but they’re subject to wind loading damage too. So it’s kind of a trade off.

Danny Kassis, VP Customer Relations & Renewables

While the fight may be over for today, Dominion Energy said they’ve already spotted other trees to keep a watch on for the coming year to take down. But before then—the hope is the council, the company, and the public will be able to meet in person.  

We can co-exist—maybe there’s an effort here that we can do in terms of education to make sure that the right tree is going back to the same location so that it does not become an issue for the future. 

Bill Turner, VP Electric Operations 

City council said that they will be following up with Dominion to ensure that before Monday, an additional attempt past the initial letter to residents is made to inform them of the loss of their trees. Even more, the council asked the company to remove the stumps along with the trees once they are done cutting them down.

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