Everyday Hero: Lieutenant Phyllis Sheffer

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A call to service answered through professional and personal action.

We caught up with an Everyday Hero who followed in the footsteps of family members who served our country and decided to blaze a few trails of her own. That’s why Lieutenant Phyllis Sheffer is an Everyday Hero.

Lieutenant Phyllis Sheffer South Carolina State Guard is part of a legacy of service. She is the daughter of a World War II veteran that was in the army.

She is the widow of a lieutenant colonel who was in the corps of engineers in the army. She is also a mother of a U.S. Marine.

She thought it was time to join and serve our country and now she is a Lieutenant in the South Carolina State Guard.

Lieutenant Sheffer’s desires to follow in her husband’s footsteps was not limited to his guard service. Her husband was an extreme hiker and he was into training to do a hike through Nepal, Tibet, and India and to climb to the base camp of Everest. Sadly he passed away suddenly.

He had multiple myeloma and died seventeen days after he was diagnosed. Instead of being consumed by grief, Lieutenant Sheffer rose to the challenge.

The guys that were going to do the hike asked me to take his spot and she did, and while she is humbled to be called a hero. She is honored to be connected to a group committed to service.

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