MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – In Sunday’s episode of Let’s Talk with Carolyn Murray, Carolyn speaks with Dr. Christine Holmstedt in honor of Stroke Awareness Month. 

Dr. Holmstedt is a Professor of Neurology and Emergency Medicine and the Medical Director of the MUSC Comprehensive Stroke Program. 

Carolyn and Dr. Holmstedt discussed how to reduce the risk of a stroke and actions to take if you or a loved one suffers a stroke.  

While strokes are not genetic, those with a history of strokes in their family should stay alert because time is a crucial factor in treatment. 

Today, there are only two options in treating acute strokes that are time-sensitive, according to Dr. Holmstedt. 

Rather than heading to your primary doctor’s office, calling an ambulance is essential to find treatment in that small window of time. 

Tune into the latest episode of Let’s Talk with Carolyn Murray to learn about warning signs, risk factors, and more when it comes to strokes. 

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