CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Family and friends gathered to celebrate the birthday of Daniel Robinson, a College of Charleston graduate who has been missing since June 2021.

Robinson graduated from the College of Charleston back in 2018 and studied geology which brought him to a job in Arizona, where he was last seen.

According to to the Buckeye, Arizona Police Department, Robinson was reported missing on June 23rd 2021. He left his job site and he did not tell anyone where he was going.

Nearly a month after his disappearance, police found Robinson’s jeep flipped upside down in a ditch near his job site.

Friends and family of Robinson say it’s not like him to disappear without notice and now they’ve hired a private investigator to assist with the search.

Marcus McDonald grew up with Robinson, they went to high school and college together. He says celebrating his friend’s birthday today is important as he awaits Robinson’s safe return.

“Daniel you are my rock and a part of my life. Even when he wasn’t there, he meant so much to me. I want to tell him please come home safely. We are not going to judge you and welcome you with open arms. I love you Wop,” says McDonald.

According to the Buckeye Police Department, the FBI was briefed on the case in November, but so far there have been no further developments released to the public.