MUSC to host event on work burnout

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The definition of burnout is the accumulation of high levels of stress being built up over time.

Dr. Theresa Stephens, Associate Professor at MUSC, explains that the result of these high levels of stress can be these three primary symptoms of burnout: exhaustion, cynicism, and decreased productivity.

The main cause of burnout in the workplace is stress, however, according to Dr. Stephens, more research needs to be done to find the best form of treatment.

“We know that the root causes of burnout are located withing two primary areas and that is organizational systems failures and ineffective leadership.”

Dr. Theresa Stephens RN, Ph.D

She also wanted to point out the importance of the culture of healthcare to where caregivers are better supported and can help find the joy in their work.

Dr. Stephens has researched how to handle burnout through resilience and has even founded a plan called the RN Personal Resilience Enhancement Plan (P.R.E.P.), which is an interactive learning experience for student nurses and newly licensed professionals.

She has used her findings on resilience to work with Holocaust survivors and many different Holocaust organizations. She hopes that sharing these stories of survivors can help those who are dealing with a lot of stress.

Dr. Stephens is going to do everything she can to help bring more awareness to burnout in the workplace.

She wants to use her research to help people address it early on and potentially prevent it from happening at all.

Burnout is a very serious issue that can lead to many problems in the workplace and it’s important to always reach out to your healthcare provider and employer when experiencing any kind of burnout.

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