Nationwide chlorine shortage likely to hit local home owners hardest

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Pool owners could be forced to pay extra to keep their pools clean this summer due to limited chlorine supplies and higher demand of the product leaving pool companies searching for alternative options.

Trichlor chlorine is one of the most popular kinds of chlorine and is the most common type used in private and residential pools.

“And that is the one type of chlorine that is extremely short this year,” says Tye Tyler, who owns Atlantic Commercial Pool Services.

Tyler says the shortage of chlorine doesn’t come as a surprise. One of the largest manufactures in the United States was hit hard after the Gulf Coast hurricanes last year and has yet to recover.

“The largest blender of Trichlor, the plant caught fire and was from my understanding completely destroyed,” says Tyler.

The shortage is hitting more than just pool owners hard in their wallets. City of Charleston Recreation Director Laurie Yarbarough says the city ordered a large amount of supplies before the season for it’s several community pools.

“As the bather load gets heavier and the sun gets hotter obviously more chlorine will be used but we have a nice amount in stock and what we’re hearing is it’s probably going to be more expensive,” says Yarbarough.

For pool owners, prices of chlorine have more than doubled in some cases. Tyler says despite the high demand, there are ways around paying a premium for chlorine.

“A blended Trichlor puck from my understanding which is still available, salt, or Calhypo with the UV type water enhancer,” says Tyler.

For now, pool owners including the City of Charleston say they are prepared in case things dry up and supplies aren’t available.

“We will continue to use the chlorine we have in stock and I think that will get us through the summer without any problem,” says Yarbarough.

Experts say if you’re unable to find the chlorine needed for residential pools, you should consider switching to saltwater or exploring other chlorine options.

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