ST. GEORGE, S.C. (WCBD) – Dorchester County officials honored men and women who have died serving our country and veterans by dedicating a new monument at the Davis-Bailey park in St. George.

Five new monuments were unveiled for the first time and dozens of people were in attendance at the Memorial Day ceremony. Dorchester County Councilmember Harriet Holman is a veteran herself. She says she wanted something for every veteran in Dorchester County to enjoy.

“Going through that and working that, I just have a different outlook on veterans. I don’t want anyone to forget them and don’t want any veteran to be forgotten,” says Holman.

Benjamin Brown grew up in St. George but now lives in Florida. He says coming back home and seeing the monument makes him feel honored to see the county recognize servicemen and women’s bravery.

“This is quite awesome. This is the center of most of the parks we have in Florida. We have monuments like this, so for the town to put something together like this, it feels awesome just to be remembered,” says Brown.

Brown says the new memorial is going to help veterans and families have something to look forward to at the park.

“I like how we have it right next to the park for people to remember it. Even my son was like, one day I might even want to join,” says Brown.

County leaders say they want veterans to feel loved and supported in the community by the monument.

“I want Dorchester County to be the best place a veteran can live. I want veterans to swarm to Dorchester County,” says Holman.

There will be another centerpiece added to the memorial at the park. County leaders expect to have a ceremony to unveil it this year on Veterans Day.