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It may be difficult to think about winter as it feels like we only started fall yesterday, but meteorologists with NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center (CPC) have! Today they released their national outlook for this 2019-2020 winter season… and it’s good news for those who hate the cold.


No portion of the United States is highlighted to favor colder than average temperatures with much of the country, including the Lowcountry, favoring warmer than average temperatures over the course of the winter season.


The Southeast can expect equal chances for near/above/below average precipitation with some relief from the drought. Overall no major trends are indicated by climate patterns. On the flip side, wetter than average weather is expected for much of the northern US with abnormally dry weather likely further south into portions of Louisiana and Texas.

Things to Consider:

Understand that these are outlooks for the entire winter season and not a day by day forecast. To put it into sports terms, you can probably predict who will make the playoffs later this season but it is impossible to accurately predict the final score of the game.

There will still be periods of cold weather as the jet stream surges south, but these will be less frequent and less pronounced due to the climate patterns present (or not) over the winter season.

Some of these you might recognize, such as El Nino/La Nina impact our general weather pattern on a national level. This year El Nino/La Nina will not play a significant part in our overall winter weather as neither are in place in the Pacific. As such, other climate patterns will take up the slack. “Without either El Nino or La Nina conditions, short-term climate patterns like the Arctic Oscillation will drive winter weather and could result in large swings in temperature and precipitation,” said Mike Halpert, deputy director of NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. 

Count on Storm Team 2 to keep you up to date with the forecast throughout winter.

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