MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Hundreds of parents in the Carolina Park community spoke to Charleston County School District (CCSD) leaders against a proposed rezoning of Carolina Park Elementary School.

CCSD leaders still haven’t decided what they are doing for the future of the school, but more than 1,100 people have signed a petition against the rezoning that would put dozens of students in elementary schools nearby.

“They know that when they sign up to live in Carolina Park, they signed up to be a coyote for life,” says Jonathan Mars, a parent.

The CCSD board and District 2 (D2) Constituent Board heard many parents saying they want the community to stay together. The district is projecting the school to be overcrowded in the coming years.

“It seems to be there’s a bit of a rub between the board of constituents and the county. The board seems not to agree with the county’s projections,” says Ed Kelley, a parent.

Parents are concerned about splitting the community, increasing traffic, and taking away an opportunity for many students to walk or bike to school. These concerns were addressed by CCSD leaders.

“We hope you guys will take that into consideration as we move forward to let CPE remain as they are,” says Rev. Dr. Eric Mack, CCSD Board Chairman.

D2 Constituent Board members say they are wanting funding from the district to expand the school in the future.

“I understand that you are going to say ‘hey it wasn’t funded.’ It doesn’t mean it isn’t going to get funded, you can’t guarantee it is going to be funded, but every other project was funded,” says Pamela Jouan-Goldman, the Chair of D2 Constituent Board.

As the board members decide what’s next for the school, parents say they just want their children to be able to attend the school in their neighborhood.

“We don’t think it’s okay to nix the kids that live closest to the school, away from it,” says Mars.

The D2 Constituent Board says they want to wait one or two years to look at the number of students to decide what’s next for the school.