Phone company removes mysterious charge from customer’s bill following Count on 2 investigation

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MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD)– In November, George Payne noticed a mysterious $140 charge on his phone bill.

“I was floored. I never expected to be charged anything. I gave them a perfectly good phone back,” said Payne.

In October, Payne decided he no longer needed a flip phone he had a on his plan.

A Sprint representative told him he could return the phone at no cost. They provided the packaging and return slip.

“I followed all the directions to the letter. I took a  picture of the phone prior to sending it,” said Payne. “I took a picture of the phone prior to sending which showed it operating with the date. I took it to UPS and never saw it again,” he added.

The Mount Pleasant resident tried calling Sprint several times to find out what the charge was for but Sprint refused to provide details on the damages.

“The phone could have been dropped in transit. Shoot the UPS truck could have run over it for all I know,” Payne said. “I don’t have any idea what the problem is and that’s what really really gets to me. I don’t understand how somebody can be asked to pay $140 for something they can’t explain,” he continued.

After spending 6 hours on the phone with Sprint trying to get an explanation, and visiting the Sprint store, he called the Count on 2 Investigators.

“I am not as interested in the money as I am about getting what’s right. It is not right to take people’s money for no reason,” Payne said.

The Count on 2 Investigators emailed Sprint reiterating his complaint; within 3 hours, Payne received a call from the company’s executive care team telling him that the charge had been removed.

During our Count on 2 interview, Payne repeatedly said it was about the principle not the money. He even donated the money that he would’ve had to pay to Sprint to Toys for Tots as a thank you to the investigative team.

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