NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Players from a youth baseball team whose game was interrupted by gunfire near Pepperhill Park, played at the park for the first time since the shooting happened.

Players from the North Charleston Recreation Angels and Royals returned to the field Wednesday night for the first time since that shooting in a nearby parking lot interrupted their game just a little over two weeks ago. Some parents and players say the love of the game is why they came back to Pepperhill.

Despite no one being hurt or injured, players say returning to the place where it happened brings back some scary memories.

“I didn’t know what was going on, and I was just crying the whole time,” says Brady Blanton, who plays for the Angels.

Brady says that day is one he will never forget. His mother April Blanton says she and her family trust the additional safety measures put in place by the City of North Charleston.

“It is definitely nice with the police presence. The lighting and I think they are working on getting the bushes, getting those cut back that will definitely help a lot,” says Blanton.

Terrance Rivers works for the City of North Charleston and was on the field with both teams when the shooting happened. He says he is happy to see the players back at Pepperhill.

“A lot of kids were giving me high fives and were happy to see me. It was good to see those kids that were here that night that happened and playing ball again,” says Rivers.

Not everyone was ready to return, some parents and players sat this game out. Rivers says he hopes in time the kids will be able to come back and enjoy the sport.

“I want them to come on out and play baseball. Don’t be scared, it’s that time of year to play. We have security now so hopefully, you come out and finish the season,” says Rivers.

Brady says he is not letting anything take away from the game that he loves.

“I was nervous at first, but then I came up and hit and now I feel that I am not scared anymore,” says Brady.

There are a few games left in the season and the teams that were at there Wednesday for their games, have games lined up again next week at Pepperhill Park.