JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston County leaders got public input on improvements that could be made to the multi-million dollar Main Road Corridor Project on Johns Island.

Residents gave their concerns on what they would like to see for “Segment C” of the project. County leaders say the project is to help reduce congestion and provide opportunities for bicyclists and pedestrians on Johns Island.

Vincent Felix lives on Johns Island and he says he’s concerned about the outcomes that could come from construction.

“We live in a beautiful area and I think I just want it to stay beautiful,” says Felix.

Herbert Nimz the project manager for Charleston County Public Works says there are possible impacts on properties and hearing public comments helps them narrow down their choices.

“We can try and change some of those things so that they impact properties a little bit less. Obviously, there are tree impacts that people are concerned about and we will do our best and try to avoid those,” says Felix.

Felix says he doesn’t agree with some of the six proposals for the project.

“Mowing down trees, displacing homeowners if that’s part of it, is that progress? I don’t think so,” says Felix.

Darrell Johnson lives on Kiawah Island. His main worry with the project is there’s not a heavy enough concern on traffic flow as the area continues to grow.

“This project which is an important project to consider is trying to solve just a piece of it. If you don’t move the traffic all the way through it, why do we keep compacting it with more development,” says Johnson.

As one of the six alternatives will be selected by the fall of this year, county leaders say they are keeping the best interest in mind for residents across Johns Island.

“We are not trying to relocate people just for the near fact of relocating. We don’t want to do that. That is going to be an amendment thing that I am going to look at,” says Anna Johnson, a Charleston County Council Member, District 8.

The project is expected to start construction by 2025. People have until May 27th to submit their feedback online: