Rep. Nancy Mace joins ‘Americans for Prosperity’ in opposition to the Biden Administration’s Infrastructure Plan

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MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – U.S. Representative Nancy Mace was in Mount Pleasant on Monday to talk about infrastructure reform alongside the group Americans for Prosperity South Carolina (AFP-SC) to “End Washington Waste”. The conversation came as Republicans and Democrats in Washington struggle to find common ground on an infrastructure bill.

Representative Mace said that the plan put forth by the Biden Administration raises major concerns for her, and she wanted to bring them to the attention of her constituents.

First and foremost, she says there is not enough funding for true ‘infrastructure’ in the infrastructure bill, citing only 5% of funds being allocated to repairing bridges and roads across the nation.

While she hopes for a bipartisan solution, she feels that funds for core infrastructure must be a top priority:

“[People] want their potholes fixed, they want their roads widened, they want their airports upgraded, you know all those things are important… Any infrastructure plan that I support, I want it to be bipartisan. I think that’s really important, but also that it actually has something to do with infrastructure.”

As it stands, Americans for Prosperity South Carolina said the current proposal could also impact South Carolina in removing it from being a right-to-work state. Candace Carroll, the Interim State Director for the organization, explained the change to unionization would ultimately disrupt small businesses across the Lowcountry.

Carroll said she believes the overall cost of goods and services would continue to increase, putting an even larger burden on the businesses.

The backed plan, however, will now head to the Senate, where Representative Mace believes more will be done. While Mace said she continues her hope in the Senate, she worries if a bipartisan agreement cannot be met, the package will be passed on party lines through reconciliation. 

“My fear is that Nancy Pelosi will do the same thing if she does an infrastructure package through reconciliation or any additional spending, she won’t give us a say. And I’m really confused by this because I live in a swing district. I represent republicans and democrats alike. The U.S. Senate is evenly divided 50/50 and the house has a very slim majority. This is not the time to go and be at odds with everything in such a far direction, it is a time to work together. And my message to democrats is I’m literally willing to work with anyone who is willing to work with me. “

Those who attended the Americans for Prosperity End Washington Waste event will be featured on a postcard from the Lowcountry to President Biden personally showing their opposition. AFP-SC is also urging U.S. Representative Jim Clyburn’s constituents to reject the infrastructure proposal.

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