BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Roper St. Francis is offering new neurosurgery and spine services to patients in Berkeley County.

Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital’s Neurosurgery and Spine Program started seeing patients in May. Officials say with this new program they are using advanced technology for hundreds of patients across Berkeley County to have access to services they have never had before.

“It’s crazy that this is here in Berkeley County. I just absolutely lit up and can’t believe how wonderful this is,” says Susan Yonish, a patient.

Neurosurgery and spine patients in Berkeley County are now able to get the care they need because of the location.

“The neurosurgeons are the first in Berkeley County. We are opening up our door here to offer our expert services,” says Lila Elshazly, the Manager of Neurosciences at Roper St. Francis.

The million-dollar facility is full service. It has three full pods that can run two clinics as well as exam, procedure, and recovery rooms. Each of the rooms equipped with advanced technology.

“As soon as we opened this facility and emergency room, it was full of patients. The patients that live in this area want to be able to have a community option to have healthcare,” says Byron Bailey, the Director of Neurosciences at Roper St. Francis.

Three years ago Susan Yonish had a spinal fusion procedure at Roper St. Francis, but she had to travel to Downtown Charleston for follow-ups.

“It was really difficult to travel all the way back down there,” says Yonish.

Now that the services are close to home, Yonish says it makes her recovery easier.

“This is like a dream that Dr. Bailey is up here with us. I’m thrilled,” says Yonish.

Officials with Roper St. Francis say they are offering day of and next-day appointments for anyone who needs care.