WADMALAW ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD) – More than 500 vaccinations were administered today at St. James Bethel AME Church on Wadmalaw Island and organizers say it is part of a bigger initiative.

Founder and CEO of Palmetto Palace, Dr. Youlanda Gibbs says she wants to make sure everyone has access to healthcare.

“Underinsured residents that already not only in these food deserts but they are healthcare deserts,” says Dr. Gibbs.

She says they want to bring the COVID-19 vaccine directly to communities.

“Get access to folks that have difficulties, and being able to remove some barriers, that’s really what it is about,” she says.

Pastor William R. Jones is vaccinated and tells me he wants to set an example.

“At first, I had doubts myself, but then as a pastor if I don’t take it my parishioners might not take it. I have taken it and I have had no effect from it,” he says.

Jones says the community must trust science in order to fight COVID-19.

“Take the shot, I mean believe in the science. The people in science can’t do it without God giving them that knowledge and understanding to do it. Take it, to make sure that you and your family is safe because the life that you may save, may be your own,” he says.