MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – A power-singing couple in Mount Pleasant are taking their talents to the street to entertain their neighbors, putting on what now will be a weekly performance.

Leah Edwards and husband Dimitri Pittas head to the end of their driveway to sing classic, and newer era opera.

We’re practicing, they say they can hear us anyways, so we said why not take it to the driveway and make it a concert. It gets everyone out, checking on each other and get some breath of fresh air and make music.

Leah Edwards, Opera Singer/Mt. Pleasant Resident

Neighbors like April Darcy say the Social Distance-Sing gives them something to look forward to.

It’s just a wonderful thing that the neighbors have done and I’m just thankful to them.

April Darcy, Neighbor

Edwards said the community has always been supportive of the two— and though the stage may be different than the Gaillard Center, their message is the same.

We always talk about the pressure may be different, but the fact of the matter is the music that we make isn’t different and that opera is for everybody.

Leah Edwards, Opera Singer/Mt. Pleasant Resident

While opera is for everybody—Pittas says so is actual social distancing, going on to note if their audience did not follow the CDC guidelines, they would not continue on with their performances.

We kind of said from the very beginning if we don’t see that happening, we’re not going to do it. But everybody has been doing it so we’re very happy about that.

Dimitri Pittas, Opera Singer/Mt. Pleasant Resident

The couple is also creating the Holy City Arts and Lyric Opera, or HALO, while in quarantine. To find out more, click here.

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