St. Andrew’s School of Math and Science creates ‘Honor Wall’ for Veteran’s Day

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Veteran’s Day is being celebrated across the nation and throughout the Charleston Country School District. For the St. Andrew’s School of Math and Science, Veteran’s Day is more than just a lesson to teach in the classroom: it’s a day to honor. 

That honor can be seen taking over a whole wall inside the school. Vickie Klatt, a 3rd grade teacher at the school, was the leader of the display.

With the help of a former classroom parent, a 5th grade class, two-3rd grade team members and a 4th grade team member, they were able to fill the hall with red, white, and blue chain links to make up the flag. Each star or chain was adorned with the names of those who served, their branch of military, and what location they served in. 

We celebrate so many people in the United States as we celebrate our mothers, we celebrate our fathers, and this is just another celebration to those who gave an oath to protect our country and our freedom not during war times but also during peace times as well. 

Vickie Klatt, 3rd Grade Teacher 

Klatt’s favorite part is the representation of each branch and the pictures. The photos, sent in by students and staff, show both the differences and similarities of heroism throughout the ages. World War I to World War II, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and all other periods of combat are represented. Klatt said she even had a student submit a headstone of a family member from the Civil War. 

Klatt also made sure to involve both students in the classroom and those that were in her virtual courses. For those online and unable to walk through the hallway to see the display, Klatt, along with other teachers, would take pictures of the flag and their contribution to it.

She said her biggest hope was for all to take part in the lesson and even leaving us with a lesson of our own.

If there is one thing that you could do today—reach out to a veteran, and tell them thank you. If you have family member, pick up a phone, make a phone call and tell them thank you for their service and thank you for helping to keep our country safe.  

Vickie Klatt, 3rd Grade Teacher 

Klatt said with the success of the ‘Honor Wall’ this year, she’s hoping that it will become the school’s newest Veteran’s Day tradition.

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