ST. GEORGE, S.C. (WCBD) – 21-year-old Dylan Carter, a singer from St. George, has auditioned for NBC’s ‘The Voice’ three times.

His first two auditions he did not make it through, but with the support of his friend he was able to make an appearance on the show’s grand stage for season 24.

Carter’s latest attempt gave him a second chance to pay tribute someone special.

“When I walked up on that stage, I was taking deep breaths. I was shaking and then once I started singing, I just looked to the light and was just singing to my mom, and it felt so amazing,” said Carter.

For each audition on ‘The Voice’, every contestant has a story and a song that has a special meaning to them. Carter is no exception. He sang ‘I Look to You’ by Whitney Houston during his blind audition. It’s a song that has a special meaning to him, one he says he will always keep close to his heart.

“My Mom, she, anytime that song came on the radio, or she would play it, she would stop everything and say, Dylan this is the song I want you to sing at my funeral and that day came a little too soon,” shared Carter.

He explained that at the time his mother passed away, he was not able to finish the song when he sung it at her funeral, but this time the young vocalist powered through.

“I felt my mom with me. I heard her, but then walking off that stage and after hearing and seeing them all turn, I just, my confidence grew. I felt on top of the world. It was crazy. Haha,” explained Carter.

He not only made all four chairs turn, but the contestant also moved the room, leaving the coaches fighting back tears as they fought to win Carter over.

“Reba had that last thing to say to me about her mom and it just hit me, I had to go with Reba,” said Carter.

Country music superstar Reba McEntire joined the judging panel this season.

“I learned so much from her, she’s taught me how to control my nerves, how to control my voice, and how to touch people’s hearts and I’m never going to stop doing it because of her and because of my mom,” said Carter.

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You can also cheer Carter on during his battle on ‘The Voice’ Tuesday, October 31st.