SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – Summerville Town Council approved a nearly $41.5 million budget, coming with an increase in taxes.

Some people who live in Summerville say they are upset and made their voices heard at the town council meeting.

“You need to check on some things that are going on in Summerville. Don’t go up on our taxes we can’t afford it and we are barely making it now,” says a concerned resident.

The Town of Summerville has approved their budget that would add $38 more to each resident’s taxes. Some council members say they are against a tax increase ever being included in the budget.

“We had a band-aid for this year. We spent two days in a budget retreat with a balanced budget that wouldn’t raise taxes and there was not one discussion not even in executive session,” says William McIntosh, a Summerville Town Councilmember.

Town of Summerville Mayor Ricky Waring says an increase in taxes has to happen to keep the Summerville growing and expanding to keep up with the area.

“You got to pay for what you get. All of us sitting here tonight pays the same taxes you pay. We are not bad guys wanting to raise your taxes,” says Mayor Waring.

As taxes increase in a few weeks residents say they hope town leaders take another look at how the increase will affect them.

The budget goes into effect starting July 1 and will last until June 30 of 2023.