West Ashley Community provides groceries for family after Hurricane Dorian

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Hurricane Dorian knocked a mother of 3’s power out; leaving all of the food in her fridge and freezer spoiled.

The woman would like to remain anonymous, but wants to give thanks to the West Ashley community for providing her family with the groceries they needed.

“The minute that I noticed that my food was gone, as I was cleaning out my refrigerator…I was just praying and praying,” she says.

Meanwhile, West Ashley resident Marianne Scarlata and her family only lost power for a few hours. She posted on Facebook offering help to anyone who needed it.

” If anybody needs anything like a hot meal, or a shower, anything I could do to help if they could just reach out,” says Scarlata.

Scarlata was already friends with the mother; who reached out to her personally asking if she knew of any sources to help with groceries.

That’s when Scarlata posted her request on the West Ashley United Facebook page. There, the post received over 100 comments of people wanting to help.

“It was all day long, my phone was just blinging from Facebook from people who were really happy to help,” says Scarlata.

Within a day the mother received a trunk full of groceries: milk, eggs, chips, bread; as well as gift cards for the future.

Scarlata’s daughter Elise was able to help shop for the groceries and says, “it felt good to know that I was helping other people because I like to do that. So I know that everybody is okay.”

The mother of 3 is very thankful from the community’s support. She claims that her prayers were answered the moment that she contacted Scarlata.

“Angels. Like, the way they stepped in and the things that they did- they didn’t have to do it,” she says.

Moving forward, she hopes that her story can inspire others to reach out when they need help, or be the person who answers the call.

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