CHARLESTON, S.C (WCBD) – Living conditions are being called into question at Gadsden Green Apartments in Charleston.

South Carolina State Representative Wendell Gilliard (D) toured several units on Monday in response to recent complaints from residents who said they’re dealing with issues like mold, mildew, and rodents.

Rep. Gilliard called on leaders in the City of Charleston to step up and help make a change.

“One thing I would ask that we all come together now and make sure that we get some medical help back here. We want to know the impact on these young children. The impact on these young women back here,” Rep. Gilliard said.

Audrey Grant Lisbon serves as the President of the Westside Neighborhood Association. She also went on the tour to witness the issues for herself.

“It’s awful that we have to have these inhumane living conditions. It’s like living in a third world country,” Lisbon told News 2.

The Gadsden Green Apartments are managed and maintained by the Housing Authority of the City of Charleston. Last week News 2 spoke with the chairman of the Board of Commissioners for the Housing Authority. He admitted the conditions were unacceptable and said they are working with staff to handle the matters.