Life on the Water: Sea Turtle Biologist


Charleston, S.C. (WCBD) – All week long, we’re talking about life on the water—Today we turn our focus towards the South Carolina Aquarium. 

Cait Crosby, a Sea Turtle Biologist says sea turtles come to the aquarium when they are sick or injured. She explains that sea turtles are an indicator species. This means how they are doing in the ocean tells us how other populations of animals are doing.

“So they are really that canary in the coal mine and if we know how things are affecting them in the wild we can better assess how we can help them out.”

Cait Crosby, Sea Turtle Biologist SC Aquarium

Guests at the aquarium can watch the turtles go through their rehabilitation phase and learn how people negatively impact sea life. 

Crosby explains, “A lot of sea turtles come into our care as a result of human impact so things like boat strikes, entanglement, hook and line action.”

She says to protect the turtles, we need to change how we use plastic. “It’s estimated by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish if we don’t change some of our habits right now.” 

Since sea turtles are a blanket species, when you protect them, you’re also protecting the shorelines, the birds that live there, and other invertebrates.

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