CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Lime will now begin bringing more than 200 electric bikes to Charleston after the city unveiled them as the new bikeshare provider on the peninsula.

“We didn’t have E-Bikes before. This adds to the mobility component of really using them for transportation,” said Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg.

The process to find a new provider to replace former bikeshare provider Holy Spokes took several months.

Lime is hiring about 30 people in Charleston to help with their operations

“We’re hiring mechanics, we’re hiring individuals who are deploying the vehicles, we’re hiring full-time workers and we’re hiring part-time workers,” said Robert Gardner, the Senior Manager of Government Relations for Lime.

The partnership is being brought to Charleston with the help of the Medical University of South Carolina. Dental school resident Anne Nicholas says she is going to start riding the bikes.

“Now that these are available I’ll definitely be utilizing it,” said Nicholas. “It’s just so effortless and can get going pretty fast. It’s great in warm weather like this you create your own breeze.”

News 2’s Forrest Tucker takes a ride on the new bike.

Mayor Tecklenburg says that there is an important speed tool for the bikes that will be used for citizen’s safety.

“We had the ability to damper the speed in certain parts of the city. So like in the Central Business District there’ll be a governor on them so they won’t go as fast as if you were in other parts of the city,” said Mayor Tecklenburg. “So we’ll have to tweak that a little as we go.”

Gardner has a few tips for first time riders who want to try out the service.

  • Look up Charleston rules of the road as well as Lime’s terms of service.
  • Take a test ride on a quiet street to see how you like using Lime.
  • Wear a helmet and stay in all bike lanes while riding.
  • Use the pedal assist to travel at a lower or higher speed.