Local auto shops, customers deal with car part shortages


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Ahead of holiday trips some car repairs could take a little longer as supply chain disruptions and labor shortages are making certain parts hard to come by.

Hay Tire Pros on Savannah Highway has had trouble with getting tires, oil and premium auto parts quickly.

“It’s causing all kinds of stresses. Then you add chasse shortages, driver shortages, truck shortages. It’s a real problem,” said David Hay, President of Hay Tire Pros.

Hay says that tires that come from overseas are taking weeks instead of days to get into the shop.

“The ones made in America are no problem. But the premium Asian tires, those are the ones we’re having problems with. They’re stuck on ships off of the West Coast,” said Hay.

Customers like Shawn Foxworth had to wait two weeks for tires to come in from out of the country.

“It was crunch time trying to plan a trip so that was important,” said Foxworth.

Hay Tire Pros is also running low on different types of motor oil and some premium car parts are on back order. The shop is doing their best to keep enough inventory.

“Anything with microchips used to be 15 minutes parts delivery. Now we’re looking at hours and sometimes days before parts are even available,” said Hay. “We’ve stocked up on everything that we can get. We’re buying in and stocking up so that we can make it through this coming shortage.”

Arnold Hite, a professor of economics at Charleston Southern University, says that car part shortages are due to multiple factors.

“The general rise in prices that we see is the result of the millions of buyers and sellers negotiating these market changes. The shortages, and rising prices, we see won’t end until prices catch up to the economic stimulation that has already occurred,” said Hite.

Foxworth got his tires before he was planning to go on a long road trip, but he says it was getting down to the wire.

“They took a while to get here, but Hay assured me that they were on the way,” said Foxworth.

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