Local doctor discusses potential long-lasting effects of COVID-19


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – COVID-19 has affected many people, not only throughout the Lowcountry, but the entire world.

Since the virus was first discovered, there has been a lot of new information about how the disease can affect people’s bodies differently.

One of the more common symptoms is having difficulty breathing.

Dr. Valerie Scott, a family care physician at Roper St. Francis Hospital, said some patients have faced more respiratory difficulties even after they’ve recovered from the virus itself.

She said that, although there is a lack of data in the country pertaining to COVID-19, viruses similar to it have been shown to cause permanent lung damage that could take up to a year to resolve.

Among respiratory issues, blood clots could also form due to the thickening of a patient’s blood.

“Usually with infections we have a system where you blood is too thin but with COVID your blood is actually too thick, so we’re running into issues with blood clots in the lungs and also other organs which can be very devastating for the patient.”

Dr. Valerie Scott, Roper St. Francis Hospital

Medical professionals say studies have shown that Aspirin has proven to not be effective when trying to treat symptoms of the coronavirus, but there are some cases where people may still suffer from their symptoms even after testing negative for the virus.

“The symptoms of tingling and also change in your sense of taste and smell these, in general, have resolved, but there have been cases that have shown that they don’t go away for at least up to six months.”

Dr. Valerie Scott, Roper St. Francis Hospital

Anyone who is experiencing symptoms or experiencing any after effects after recovering from COVID-19 should contact their primary healthcare provider.

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