CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – As COVID-19 numbers continue to decrease in South Carolina, doctors want to remind the community how important health protocols are to keeping everyone safe.

“You have to ask yourself, when we think about when we should change doing things, public policy, social distancing, masking…are we basing it on data,” said Dr. Lee Biggs, Chief Medical Officer at Trident Health.

Current data shows that despite currents case and hospitalization rates being low, vaccination rates are not where they need to be for herd immunity with only around 25% of the country being vaccinated.

Doctors say the usual health protocols can be used to help fight off both the South African and Great Britain variants.

“When you think about the transmissibility the way that we effect that is with our masking, hand washing, [and] distancing. All of those solid public health policies that have been shown to be effective even in areas that have not had widespread access to the vaccine,” said Dr. Biggs.

With schools across the Lowcountry preparing for Spring Break, health experts provided some advice to help slow the spread if you do plan on taking a trip.

“We have to maintain safety, so if you are going to travel please be mindful of the people that live in that area and of yourself. We don’t need to be in large groups. We do need to wear masks when we’re around others and keep our distance,” said Dr. Valerie Scott from Roper St. Francis.

Doctors say even if you are fully vaccinated, it’s important to remember to stick to protocols to keep everyone around you safe.