CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Golfers at the Charleston Municipal Golf Course are petitioning for permanent bathrooms to be constructed on the course to replace the portable bathrooms on the front and back nine holes.

The complaints stem from multiple golfers saying that the condition of the portable toilets are unsanitary.

“It’s very off putting. The port-a-potties that are there are seldom serviced,” said Bernie Kennedy, a member of Friends of the Muni. “I not only golf at the Muni but I drive down Maybank Highway and unfortunately I’m seeing men in the bushes on their rounds taking relief.”

On Tuesday, calls for new bathrooms were heard at Charleston City Council during the public comment session. Kennedy has been spreading awareness by posting a petition online and at the course’s clubhouse.

“I know that some women have stopped playing at the Muni because of the deplorable conditions of the port-a-potties,” said Kennedy. “Youth are playing out there all the time now and a lot more women are playing.”

The City of Charleston had upgraded the course in 2020 with a $2.5 million renovation. The result was a spot in the country’s top 20 public golf courses.

The City’s Department of Recreation says that they understand something needs to be done about the issue. It will be up to City Council to allocate money or not to the project in the 2023 budget.

“I know that the city will be looking at all of those requests and making priorities that we can fund in a very systematic way,” said Laurie Yarbrough, the city’s Director of Recreation.

In the meantime, the city is spending more money to have extra cleaning efforts for the portable toilets.

“We will continue to work with the vendor for cleaning. If I need to have a unit replaced for a newer unit I can certainly do that,” said Yarbrough. “We do have (restrooms in the Clubhouse) available as well and I feel like this is something that the city will have to look to and say ‘What is the next important thing for the golfers?”

“I think that would be a step forward,” said Kennedy.