☄️ Meteor streaks across Lowcountry sky Thursday morning

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CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – Dozens reported seeing a fireball-like object streak across the Lowcountry sky early Thursday morning.

The large, vivid object was seen just before sunrise, sparking lots of conversation on social media and phone calls to News 2.

Photos from viewers show a large, bright ball followed by a long tail.

Storm Team 2 meteorologist Josh Marthers confirmed the object was a meteor.

“A meteor is essentially a piece of space dust or debris that enters the earth’s atmosphere,” said he said. “Friction causes it to burn up on its way to the surface causing the bright fireball with a tail.”

Meteors are often referred to as “shooting stars.”

Initial analysis from the American Meteor Society shows the meteor on a trajectory starting between Columbia and Charlotte and ending around Wilmington.

People can report the event via https://fireball.amsmeteors.org/imo_view/event/2019/1561.

So far, the website has already received about 375 reports from Virginia to Florida and out west to Tennessee.

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