$15 million-dollar Navy Base upgrade in the works

Local News

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A $15 million dollar upgrade could soon be on its way to the Navy Base. 

Thursday, North Charleston City Council unanimously passed the first of three readings of an ordinance authorizing the city to spend $15 million to improve areas on the navy base. 

The navy base is a place Stacey Sabback says she has grown to love.

I’ve been coming to Riverfront since I was a teenager,” Sabback said. “Me and my friends used to come and play in the field and stay out here late at night and me and my husband have come out here fishing the past four years.”

The place she has been coming to for years may soon get a upgrade. The 15 million dollars would go toward building a pedestrian bridge over Noisette Creek, adding more streets and sidewalks, improving the shoreline and riverfront park and improving the Navy Base Memorial.

“I feel like they could fix up the memorial,” Sabback said. “ I don’t know about 15 million dollars, but I do like the idea of the sidewalks because we used to go back there in the trails, so they could probably fix that, but other than that, I think it’s pretty great out here.”

The city said the area has grown over the years, which has generated additional property taxes. That money will be used to help come up with the 15 million dollars to fund navy base improvements.

North Charleston City Council has to vote on this matter two more times before it is finalized.

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