Charleston, S.C. – WCBD – 17,000 pounds of meat, fruit, and vegetables were distributed to 250 veteran families Wednesday by Soldiers Angels, a non-profit started by a mother of two soldiers to support veterans.

Each veteran and family that attended the distribution received 75 pounds of food which included bread, canned goods, and pastries.

“We typically serve 200 veterans but during this time there is a greater need for food assistance because many people have lost their jobs, so our goal is to serve at least 250 veterans at each monthly event,” said Vicki Sarracino, Senior Director of Field Operations for Soldiers Angels.

“Many of them, their first comment is ‘I wouldn’t have food if it wasn’t for this event,’” Sarracino commented.

The hunger relief program is just one of several programs Soldiers Angels provides to veterans and their families.

“You know, I think this is a terrific idea that veterans are being helped and from my heart, I want to thank them and it’s very kind and very generous of them.”

Richard Barish, 1960-1966 Army Vet

Sarracino says they operate on volunteers and donations.

“We need our volunteers as you can see we have a lot of food. It comes in pallets (and) we have to pack it out so they’re receiving it like groceries. If you look at the cars they’re receiving it in boxes and bags.”

Soldiers Angels host a food drive once a month in six different locations across the U.S.