$30K toolbox stolen during hurricane evacuation

Local News

WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCBD) – John Rock’s face is well-known around West Oak Forest Drive.

The retired mechanic is the go-to for car trouble. He’d work for his neighbors for a small fraction of what others would charge. That is, until now.

“I went to my truck and said what’s wrong. Something’s wrong with the truck. And I said oh my god, my toolbox is gone,” Rock said. 

On disability, he used his skills for a little extra income.

“I’d supply gas to my cars, sometimes we’d go out to dinner,” Rock said, gesturing to his wife Martha.

Now, that extra income and his tools are gone. They were stolen when the Rocks evacuated to escape the threat of Hurricane Florence.

“Why would somebody come and do that to us? All we’ve ever tried to do is help. All he’s ever tried to do is help,” Martha said.

The Rocks feel the thieves are probably people they know.

“It’s somebody who knew what they wanted and they saw the opportunity,” John said.

“And it was more than one person. And I say that because the toolbox is so heavy, you can’t even lift it,” Martha added.

The toolbox held more than just tools. It held decades of hard work….

“You spend a lifetime of working and accumulating stuff and in a split second, someone who doesn’t care very much about you or themselves I would say, comes along and takes it,” Martha said.

However, the toolbox did still have monetary value, a staggering $30,000.

The Rocks have a message for the people who have John’s tools.

“I wish you a lot of luck with them, but maybe not as much as I had,” John said.

“The scripture says ‘whom God blesses, no man can curse.’ And we are blessed, in spite of. In spite of all of it, we are blessed and if you think this is going to be a blessing for you, then God bless you,” Martha said.

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